Introduction – WS Consultancy

The company specialises in all aspects accociated with Industrial Control Systems, with the main focus on End-User participation and involvement from start to finish, through the life of a project, with a smooth commissioning and start-up of the operation.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Mission

Services WS Consultancy

  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Project execution and coordination
  • Integration of different systems
  • Factory Acceptance Testing & Inspections
  • Field Installation Supervision
  • Field Testing and Sub-Contractor Coordination
  • Acceptance of Systems on behalf of Client/End user

The company specializes in the following disciplines and functions related to the Control Systems associated with any size of project, especially Major projects:

Integration of various Control System manufacturers and components.

Inspections of vendor and third party supplied hardware, components and sub-systems that will be integrated or communicating with main process control system.

Pre-loop checks during construction phases to ensure proper connections and off-line functions of individual field components and elements.

Full Loop checks to ensure each individual input and associated output signals and alarm settings are functional and correct as per approved loop and schematic drawings.

Function tests of all complex and integrated loops that require more than one signal from various individual control loops to prove proper operation and shutdown functionality.

Commissioning support and faultfinding during final pre-commissioning and commissioning phases in close cooperation and support with operations and client maintenance personnel.

Final Acceptance of Instrumentation and Control Systems on behalf of the Owner or End Users.